Migration-led Urbanization, Corrective Planning and Role of Ethiopian Government

ECADF | Currently we are witnessing widespread demolition of existing houses and residential areas and massive outcries in towns in the outskirts of Addis Abba. The action is taken on the ground of planning. By definition and in essence town planning means making life simpler and comfortable. The purpose of urban planning is to minimize the negative effects of migration-led urbanization in Ethiopia. Instead we saw how planning made people sad and cry. Few years ago, we also saw how farmlands were snatched up and transformed into new housing developments. Many farmers were compelled to sell their land to real estate developers at a cheaper price. The sprawl of the Addis Ababa city into farmlands has deprived many families their livelihoods. Should urban expansion (land shortage), development plan (house supply) and land use changes (legalizing ownership) cause pains and suffer. How can one address the challenges of migration-led urbanization in Ethiopia?