Ethiopia: The Politics of ethnicity is not Patriotism!

ECADF | The politics of patriotism is an unreserved love to one’s country along with unwavering principle and practice of equality, mutual respect and advantage, passion and compassion, believing in common destiny and the decision to collectively strive to achieve that destiny and enjoy the fruits it offers.

The politics of ethnicity or nationalism on the other hand, is highly vulnerable to those elites who stupidly want to exploit it for their own ugly political agenda and of course self-centered and voracious interests. As it is characterized by the very emotional or sensational mentality of “my ethnic group or my nation (country) is superior” which implies that all others are inferior, it severely lacks the very essence of patriotism. Needless to say , almost all devastating wars including the two world wars, and  all miserably destructive disputes and  conflicts in many parts of the world including ours we are witnessing in today’s world are directly or indirectly the consequences of this politics of ethnicity or nationalism. Sadly enough, what we are witnessing in our country is the manifestation and aggression of this very ugly politics in a much more worrisome manner.